On this page are listed frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Web Hosting Services provided by SANPlanet.com. If you have a question not answered on this page please contact us.

Do you support Cron Jobs ?
Answer: Yes (Min. 15 Minutes Interval required)

Do you support PHP ?
Answer: Yes

Do you support Tomcat / JAVA ?
Answer: No

Do you support HTML & Java Script ?
Answer: Yes

Do you provide SSH or SFTP ?
Answer: No, VPS Plans Recommended

After Payments, How Much Time Order Processing Takes ?
Answer: 3-24 hrs. approx.

Do you provide website builder ?
Answer: No, we have separate website builder plans

Do you support Outlook sort of email client softwares ?
Answer: Yes

Can I Host Video/ Mp3/ Wallpaper Website ?
Answer: No